Virgin Blogpost!

Things I learnt in 2014


This is my first blog post, on my first blog page…ever!

This is also the first day of the New Year, January 1st 2015.

So… a lot of firsts! It therefore seems appropriate to make my ‘maiden’ blog about the old year, giving away gracefully to the shiny new one.

As I did the washing up, for the third time today, (no New Year’s day respite for mums!) I mused about 2014, and all the things that I had gained, or learnt from the year behind me.

It’s amazing the thoughts and random ideas that whirl around inside your mind, while the hot water and suds are whirling around your mis-matched crockery.

Here are some of the things I learnt in 2014; for better or for worse:

that Fairy Liquid is not a suitable alternative to dishwasher tablets, and should never be used in a domestic emergency, (unless you are opening one of those foam nightclubs in Ibiza!)

that letting your children make dinner for you on Mothers Day is a risky, but valuable learning experience, for both parent and child. Except the gravy slide in the dining room, always be wary of the gravy slide.

that men think very differently from us women, they just do… and you might as well accept it; or spend hours trying to decode their primitive ways into logical woman-ese. Or live in a women-only commune.

that I am a lot more patriotic than I realised. Living abroad has strengthened the ties that bind me to my country of birth. Snivelling at TV coverage of the Invictus Games, and Memorial Sunday, has proved that!

that if you are honest with others about your feelings, they will accept it, and in turn will open up to you. That’s how an aquaintance becomes a friend.

that giving of yourself, is the only gift most people really want. I volunteered earlier in the year, and enjoyed it immensely. I felt the warm spirit of community that older people talk about. We need to do more of that.

that I should be more appreciative of the family and friends around me, and not be too proud to ask for assistance. If someone offers to help, let  them. It benefits them as much as you! There are no medals for ‘doing it all’ on your own; sometimes it takes teamwork. It’s the Circle of Love.

that maybe, just maybe I can write. Either for a living, or just for myself. But I can do it… and wish I had started ten years ago. But then, ten years ago, I wasn’t the person I am now; so I probably wasn’t ready. Write?

that I should know when to talk… and when to be quiet. Sometimes, other people need more time to gather their thoughts. We are all different!


Zipping cake hole up now. 😀


Happy New Blogging Year to you all!

2 thoughts on “Things I learnt in 2014

  1. I am very impressed, Angela. Keep it up. I have always wanted to write a book. I have plenty of ideas but I see your writing skills are much better than mine. Look forward to reading your next piece.


    1. Thanks Sherry, I thought I’d give it a go, as it’s good writing practice! And a good place to let off steam!! 😀

      I think I inherited my writing skills (if you can call them that!) from Dad – he was always good at spinning us all a yarn or two. I always enjoyed his stories and corny jokes, secretly, although we all groaned outwardly!! 😉 You can tell him that!!

      Much love,

      Angie xxx


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