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The checkout 7-day challenge


Hello, lovely blog peeps!

Well, it’s been blogtastic so far, here in the WordPress ‘community’.

I have really enjoyed my first foray into the scary, foreign (for moi!) world of blogging. I have been welcomed, befriended, and encouraged. And for that, I thank you all, from the bottom of my furry Dosenbach Snowboots, to the top of my (now thankfully re-coloured!) head.

But there’s a problem…

I have realised over the last few weeks, that I am spending far too much time ‘online’, and not enough in my real world, or on my poor, neglected ‘book’. Admittedly, the digital world, is much more stimulating, entertaining, and educational than my family, or this little village that I live in, could ever hope to be! Even when daughter the younger, requests my assistance on her maths homework…but we’ll swiftly gloss over that scenario! 😉

So – I have decided. *takes deep breath* For seven days am going to veto Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and even, ‘gulp!’ the ‘Women Writers Women’s Books’ group that I am so lucky to be part of. I will miss everyone, but it’s only seven days, (seven days!) and I can write about the results in my next blog. If you lot can wait seven days for it!

I am sure you won’t even notice I’m gone! Much!

Wish me luck.

I’m so going to need it! 😀

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