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Are You the Baddie?

Had absolutely no idea that this was going on. Preposterous.



Just for fun, just because the world isn’t difficult enough, and things aren’t terrible enough and there isn’t hate enough, a delegate from Virginia has introduced a fun new bill. This bill would allow any organization, private or public to use religious beliefs to openly discriminate against gay people. The measure is unlikely to pass, but it has been introduced. Publicly. Proudly. To me, that suggests this hate-monger exists within a disturbing feedback loop of people who share his twisted ideas. That there are enough people who would encourage him in his bigotry should not surprise me. Why does it?

This delegate, just like many before him, is attempting to deny another person’s human rights based on his own religious beliefs. There is a sociopathic disconnect that would allow you to believe that causing injury to another human being is your right. I’m pretty sure that this jack-hole doesn’t…

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