I have a dream


Last night, I had a dream.

A dream so fearful, it took me a while to work out where the hell I was, and calm my racing heart. I had to tear myself out of it. It involved shadowy bad men/aliens right outside my house, flinging men, women and children around mercilessly like little rag dolls. Then a lot of low demonic chanting, and green orbs floating around. In my dream, I ran to lock the front door, but the key mysteriously failed to fit the lock. I tried to wake my family – but they wouldn’t wake up. The last thing I remember was looking out of the window, and seeing a giant black dog standing guard by the Lindenblossom tree. It looked demonic and menacing, and I knew that this was the end of our Freedom.

Yes, I am aware that this was JUST a dream! And I am renowned in my family for having bizarre and very complicated dreams.

But sometimes, I think our dreams are trying to tell us things.

Things we can’t figure out in the waking moments. Things we feel, but just can’t articulate, because the thoughts are so obscure and elusive, and shapeless, and just not ready for us to realise yet.

Since the human tragedies of 9/11 in the USA, I have never felt quite the same as I did in the naive, carefree days before it. I will never, EVER be able to forget watching the terrible horrors unfold on CNN, grimly clutching onto my 8 month old child, as if her tiny innocent life were also being threatened. It was a time of pure shock, sadness, and total disbelief, and all everyone around me could talk about, was THAT.

It’s been 14 years since. I know this because that ‘baby’ is now a feisty, wonderful, loving 14 yr old. And sometimes I can forget what happened back then, and feel safe & happy. But then NEW man-made horrors occur, and I remember. At these times, I  wonder where we humans are heading with all this hate and terrible greed, and just all the intolerance and inequality displayed by Man.

So: tonight I have decided; I will take control of my OWN consciousness; I will have a better dream.

A dream that brings joy, not despair.

A dream that brings forth laughter, not mockery.

A dream that protects and nurtures, not terrifies and binds.

A dream where people can shrug off the ridiculous, hateful, man-manufactured chains of religion, and join our human hands together in peace.

A dream where we are not told who we can, and cannot love.

A dream where men respect women as equals, and women value the qualities in men, and can work together in unison, using each other’s strengths to preserve and beautify this world we live in.

Love is the only true religion.

As the amazing Martin Luther King said, “I have a Dream.” And it was a Good One.


Peace, and dream well.


The Hedgehog x

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