The Bad Stuff

To my daughter’s father…


You haven’t seen her for 16 years.

You lost that right by your actions towards me, her mother.

I had to protect her.

From your anger, your insecurity, your immaturity.


You haven’t been there for 16 years.

I brought her up alone for a while,

and then her step-father came along.

He is the total opposite of you, calm and strong.


He gave her all the things you couldn’t.

Room to grow, security and a male role model.

There are many things you have missed.

There are so many things you don’t know,

about our daughter.


Now she is older, and may want to seek you out.

I can’t stop her, and I won’t. It’s the way of life.

But I wanted to say to you, before she does;

that you are welcome.


Welcome to all the nights I held her when she cried.

To all the games we played together.

To all the trips to the doctor, and the dentist.

To the times I listened, and soothed her worries.

To the life lessons I tried to show her.

To the calm I managed to keep in hard times.

To the scolding I had to give when she was naughty.

To the encouragement I gave in her many efforts at school, and with her music.

To the energy I found when I was tired.

and to the joy that she brings now she’s almost grown.


I don’t hate you, and I never did.

I know you were a lost soul back then.

I wish you well.

I hope you made a better life.


There’s just one more thing you need to know;

One day you’ll find out for yourself…


Our daughter is amazing.

11 thoughts on “To my daughter’s father…

  1. A powerful piece that should be read by all single parents doing double duty as mom and dad. It felt good to know I wasn’t the only one.

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  2. This is a beautiful story, Angela. Your love for your daughter shines through, as does the way you feel her father to be the one to have missed so much that is wonderful over the years. Your forgiveness does you great credit. 🙂

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