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Home Alone and Lovin’ It

Yesterday my husband went off on a sailing trip to Croatia. He’ll be gone for a week. A blessed, chillaxing, no heavy cooking, no sock-hunting week! As I waved him off in the early hours, I felt almost as if a dead weight had been lifted from my chronically aching shoulders.   I felt lighter. I felt possibility. I felt almost single!

Skipping off to get dressed, I thought about what I would do first. Turn up the radio at full blast for once? Change the bedsheets that I would be slumbering in all by myself later? Cook myself a healthy, meat-free breakfast? In the end I did none of those things. Instead I had a little nap. Well, it was still only 7am! On a Saturday!  

Then I did a lot of aimless pottering, internet surfing, and catching up with friends, for the rest of the day. Brilliant!

Do I feel guilty about this unusual feeling of skippy skippiness? No – not yet! 😀

Although I DO still have the two children here, so I am not ‘Home Alone‘ alone, just adult alone!

This week I am aiming to get a LOT of writing done, a lesser amount of exercise, and a tiny wee smidge of housework. Cooking? Phffffft! That’s what takeaways are for!

We’ll see how THAT pans out…




By the way… this Friday…  my place…  MalibuVodkaParty!!!

Girls ONLY – unless you happen to be Michael Fassbender! 😉


Have a good week, blog peeps!


The Hedgehog x


14 thoughts on “Home Alone and Lovin’ It

    1. Ha ha! It’s not obligatory, Millie! By the way, I have just got round to posting about the Real Neat Blog Award. Thanks so much for nominating me! I hope you don’t mind that some of your images are on my post. I copied it, and then I couldn’t remove some of the images and replace with my own. I wasn’t plagiarising on purpose – honest! You images were perfect anyway. Hope it’s OK! Angela (AKA the Hedgehog) xx

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  1. Well, that was the best post I’ve read for a while. 🙂 Love the humour and the ‘while the cat’s away…’ theme. Hope you manage to get some quality writing done!

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    1. Oh Thank you, Millie! It was just a throwaway post ‘cos I’ve re-vamped my blog (at last!) and wanted to try it out.

      But I am enjoying the peace & quiet. It’s just so CALM… at the moment! Lol

      Love, Hedgehog xx

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