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Greece Crisis – The Real Story


I spoke to an internet buddy today who lives in Greece. I think by now we all know about the situation over there, and have maybe even discussed it with our friends/spouses in a mildly interested, detached, ‘Thank God it’s not happening over here’  way!  I know I have. But my Father lives in Cyprus, and this friend I mentioned, is right in the thick of it, in Northern Greece. So, it’s hard to ignore; these are real people just like us, with frighteningly real difficulties, and unsure futures. It must be terrifying.

I asked the friend what I can do to help. I have Euros that I could send, but somehow I don’t think that will solve her and her family’s problems for long. She asked me to share the links to her most excellent children’s books, in the hope that the royalties will ease things somewhat. I was very happy to oblige! Below I have posted the links to all three of her books, plus her article on the ‘Human Face of Greece.’

SO – I really would appreciate it if any of you would buy a book, (around £3.90 each) or at least share the article, or the book links! Remember:



Millie – I applaud your calm and stoicism in this time of uncertainty. I wish you the very best of luck for the future, for you and your lovely family!

And many thanks to those of you that get involved!

The Hedgehog x



6 thoughts on “Greece Crisis – The Real Story

      1. It’s just hard to imagine how you go from the glory of the Olympics to total economic failure in such a short period of time. It’s as if they are in a post-war period of defeat and severe poverty..but there was no war. Just scary and awful and unbelievable.

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