Hedgehog Summer

Well, it’s nearly time.

That time when we pack up our spiky suitcases, all-weather macs, and the kitchen sink; and head off to the UK for the Summer. We usually go once a year, and visit all the rellies and friends on a non-stop whirlwind tour of tea and photo albums. Their’s not mine! I am a terrible photographer, and a bad Mum. I always forget to take photos at crucial times, and instead rely on memory to preserve those precious moments.

I am not sure how I feel about this 3 week trip; apart from the usual panicky, anxious feelings that seem to increase with each ‘sleep’ leading up to the big day. It will be great to catch up with the ever-increasing numbers of my family, and the friends that I miss every day since I left the UK. But, on the flip side, it’s quite exhausting visiting people every day, and trying to remember which is Annabelle, and which is Abigail. Mine is a large family, and obviously a very fertile one! I have 14 nieces and nephews, at the last count. Little darlings, all of them! 😉

Another worry is the recent ferry strikes at Calais & Dover. I’m just hoping all is resolved by Saturday. Travelling on the Ferry is not my favourite part of the journey. Two years ago, we had an extremely stormy crossing, and the boat was rocking from side to side alarmingly. I remember that my youngest daughter went quiet, and looked very pale. So we held hands almost the whole way; with me trying to seem nonchalant, and telling her that this happened ‘all the time’ and that we’d be fine. Of course, my other half was enjoying the rocky ride; he’s a complete adrenalin junkie. Lucky him.

At least there’s the Duty Free to distract me. I think one box of wine might just get me through the first week!

I may do some blogging/writing if I have some time to spare. We’ll be staying with my Mum, who has the most inconsiderate and noisy neighbours in the Universe, so I may not be able to sleep much after 8am. I expect they will be out in their garden, doing some urgent strimming, or putting the chainsaw to work on a few rogue twigs.

Ahhh – holidays! So relaxing!

Enjoy the Summer, lovely blogpeeps!

Love from the Hedgehog x

5 thoughts on “Hedgehog Summer

  1. Have a lovely holiday and just enjoy the wonderful British weather – which you’ve probably been glad to be away from for years! lol Try to stay sober when visiting all those nephews and nieces. Heaven knows what they’d think of a tipsy aunt! Hope your ferry crossing is a calm one. The Channel can be a real beggar at times. We had an awful catarmaran crossing to Jersey once. So many people losing their last meals… 🙂


  2. I’m pleased to see you are taking your own advice. A wise Hedgehog once said to me, “Duty Free!” And you can always ask your unfamiliar nieces and nephews to spell their names for you. I suppose that wouldn’t help with the toddlers, though. 🙂 You can be the interesting auntie.

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  3. I will offer you my traditional holiday blessing: May the (boxed) wine flow freely, the seas be calm, and may the relatives all be easily identifiable! 🙂 Hope you and yours have a wonderful time.

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