Prosetry in Pink


As a teenage girl-thing, I was known to scribble prose.

Rhyming, or not, ridiculous, and too schoolgirl-ish to show.

I had a large pink fluffy notebook and a chewed-up fluffy pencil.

A myriad of jumbled thoughts that were very possibly mental.


I can see one of the entries now, in my mind’s eidetic.

entered on a Winter’s eve spent hogging the radiator.


‘Eaten: 1 apple, chocolate yoghurt, and some soup.

Followed Lovegod Andy home all the way from school!

He’s still got that awful girlfriend, what does he see in her?

She wears clogs. She’s a boring snob, and she has frizzy hair!’


Night after night I duly scribbled in this way.

Boys, friends, school, my family; they all got in their say.

Another dark entry which is lodged in memory;

the obligatory ‘I hate Mum!‘ for her evil refusal,

to allow me out toTown, without her strict perusal.


Oh fourteen is such a painful, awkward, cringing age,

and I held my breath through fifteen as a transitory stage.

By sixteen and seventeen the Telephone,

held my rapt attention with fresh life of it’s own.

And I caressed it to my ear on a mahogany throne.


The redundant pink notebook was cruelly discarded

for flop-haired boys, Television, and spin-the-bottle parties.


Never to be opened,

never to be read.

Stuffed in box room cupboards,

discarded and alone.


How I wish I’d kept on writing from my teens until middle-aged,

The shocking tales I’d have recorded, the memories unfolded.


But now I am that older Me, a mummy and a wife,

I bought a new shiny notebook, in pelican and white.


I vow to treasure it forever, and starting from tonight,

But I’ll have to wear my glasses, because of my bad sight.


5 thoughts on “Prosetry in Pink

  1. This is lovely, and so reminiscent of the teenage thoughts of girls everywhere – including me. I love the way you’ve expressed it all, particularly your smile-inducing humour. Great stuff!

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    1. Thank you Millie! You always make me smile as well. Love your latest posts. Great photos and interesting facts!

      I notice you have/are writing a book. You don’t talk about it much on your blog. Very modest of you! (and a refreshing change, to be honest!) Could you send me a link/info so I can have a look at it?? Thanks! 😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Angela. Thank you for that! I rarely post about my books, probably because I am, as you say, the typical modest English girl! 🙂 I can’t ‘blow my own trumpet’ for toffee! I really find self-promotion difficult – and I’d hate to put anyone off my blog because all I say every post is ‘Buy my books!’ I hate the blogs of authors who do that, and usually just ‘unfollow’ them. I’m writing Book 3 of my trilogy now, and the only ‘advert’ on my blog is is my sidebar. Occasionally I do a post to say when my book(s) will be free on Amazon, but that’s it. Some of my earlier postes were about writing, but I’ve got so tied up with my travel posts and flash fiction nowadays to do that.
        Now, that was a rather long comment. I’ve just read your three last posts (I’m still playing ‘catch up’ since getting back fronm Malta) and found them really funny – in the nicest possible way. If you’d like to have a look at my books (either Amazon uk or .com) it would be best to do it from my blog. If I put it here, you’d end up with a big picture of the front covers, as well! Book 1 is ‘Shadow of the Raven’. The books are historical fiction, set in the 9th century at the time of King Alfred and the Viking (Danish) invasions. So, in a word, they’re Viking tales. 😀


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