What do rapists look like

Attention all Rapists!

rockstar dinosaur pirate princess

look like everyone elseConsent has been in the press this week again, thanks to a couple of youngmen who were deeply personally insulted and affronted at the nerve, the sheer bloody gall, the CHEEK of their presumptious places of learning, to include them into an invite that went to all students to voluntary consent courses.

I mean, how DARE these institutions think that these fine young men could possibly have any grey areas of understanding of sexual consent? How dare they think that they look like rapists. I mean, all rapists are clearly identifiable right? They wear t-shirts that identify them as rapists. They singsongs that identify them as rapists. They make signs to hang outside their accommodation to show that rapists live there.

Of course, what these universities should be doing is having a careful look at each male student as they register at fresher’s week, make sure they’re not…

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