A Magick Potion for Halloween


A dash of desperation

A pinch of pride

A cup of kindness

And a soupcon of snide


A spoon of sincerity

A boxful of care

A few fine finesses

And a handful of clown


A phial of pragmatism

A grasp of geek

A slop of stubbornness

And a lump of klutz


An ounce of intellect

A shard of empathy

A bucketful of mistakes

And a smidge of steel


An eyeful of twinkles

An eimer of vodka

A speck of patience

And a yard of chocolate


A foil of failure

An inch of ingenuity

A puff of bravery

And a page of bookworm.


A smile of pure woman

A miracle of molecules

A mind full of questions

And a shoeful of dreams.




Hurl into the Great Cauldron, and blend it with care.

For the Devil is waiting; for us to fail there.


Go hubble, go bubble, go toil and go trouble,

’til the Hallowe’en mist clears, and the moon shines above it.


Watched over by the Ragged Ravens, under the Living Tree…

that’s the magick potion, for the spell of me.



Happy Halloween to you, one and all!

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