Holy Catmas – She Blogs!


Everyone is merrily twittering their blogs today on #wwwblogs. I have had such fun (I heart you Miranda!) looking through them all, especially the funny, god-help-me, coming-up-to-Christmas ones!

It made me realise though, that I haven’t actually blogged for over a month; six weeks if you discount the #wordlesswednesday blogs, which are after all just a single photograph.

It all started after the horror of Paris, which was awful obviously, but I will not start in on that. There has been more than enough said over the last four weeks, and I really don’t think my opinion needs to be heard on top of all that.

Somewhere between that day and now, I have felt myself becoming both mute and neutered – meutered if you like! This is my default mode, I have come to realise – to dive into the safety of my emotional blanket fort when things get too terrible to comprehend. I have done a LOT of thinking between then and now, and I am sorry to say that my thinking brain is probably just as muddled as before. I have also had a few inner conflicts going on recently, and until I can physically DO something about these conflicts, I guess I will stay pretty muddled!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope you ALL have a safe, hug-filled, and most joyous Christmas/Holiday this year! And for those who will be alone, or feeling sad at this time of year – I feel you. It’s my worst time of year as well. I believe there is a great hashtag #joinin on twitter, for people to tweet each other on the 25th, so that they don’t feel quite so isolated. It was started by the comedian Sarah Millican. Here is the link:

I hope to be back in the New Year full of fresh optimism, gooder words, and lots of funny.

Take care of YOU!!

The little Christmas Hog. xxx

4 thoughts on “Holy Catmas – She Blogs!

    1. Aww. Thankyou! That means more than you’ll ever know! You made my eyes leak! (and that wasn’t because of the grated carrot that flew in my eye yesterday!) Yes – really! 😉

      ❤ you back! xx


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