When the hijab is forced

Powerful and brave!

Reimagining My Reality


1. this is my story
2. this is not the story of all Muslims
3. this is not the story of all hijabis
4. there can be more than one story

Once upon a time (about 14 years ago), in a land far away (South East England), I wore the hijab. It’s surreal looking back. I’ve spent a long time actively detaching myself from that part of my identity, so I feel almost fraudulent claiming it as my own. Even now, after 14 years of fixing myself up and reclaiming all the bits of me, I struggle to talk face to face with people about the hijab. My experience was bad, and the word and the memories still stick in my throat. This post is about how more than 5 years of forced veiling affected me.

Here, wear this lion costume…
I was ordered to cover my hair after…

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4 thoughts on “When the hijab is forced

  1. I read and liked this story a while ago, and must have forgotten to come back to like your page. I found it a very interesting, enlightening and valid story. The title of the post says it all, and I’ve always been of the opinion that wearing a hijab should all be a question of choice. If that’s what a woman wishes to wear, that’s fine by me – but not is she is forced to do so. Thank you for briniging the post to my notice.


  2. Ha ha! No problem! A LOT of people seem to miss that! I must make it clearer next time.Thanks for dropping by anyway! I love your blog!! 🙂

    Which part of Switzerland are you living in? I am near to Luzern, so central Switzerland.

    Angela (die Igel!) xx


  3. Wow, what an incredible story. For some reason I find it very surprising that you have this background. I salute your honesty and eloquence in explaining your experience and I hope nobody distorts your words or intentions.


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