10 Things…


Hi all! My first blog of the year! It’s nearly February, so I suppose I should be ashamed of myself. I’m a bad, bad bloghog, and I just don’t care!! 😀

I have been thinking about what to blog for aaaages, but as I work on a strictly only-blog-when-I-have-something-to-say basis – I got nothin’ as they say!

But today is #wwwblogs on twitter; that’s the day I catch up on all the wonderful blogs that I follow, and retweet as many as I can, to share the love of writey stuff and so on! Checking my own ‘writer’ page on facebook,  I noticed that I had posted a meme listing ’10 Beautiful Things in your Life’ and asked for people to send in their own lists. This was way back in October of last year. I had intended to do a blogpost when I had enough lists, but sadly, only one person participated. The lovely Beth Arvin! This is her blog address, check it out – it’s great!

So if you’re wondering what I did with your list, Beth, I’m sorry! But I haven’t forgotten about it!

Personally, I LOVE a list! I’d read anything if it was in list form, instead of dreary old paragraphs. So, I am appealing to any of you that have 10 beautiful, or even mildly tolerant things in your life; please send me your list, and I will do that post!

I’ll start you off with my own list:

  1. Hedgehogs. (natch!) I am learning more and more about these amazing creatures, thanks to this fascinating site:
  2. Coffee. Oh coffee, never leave! I am nothing without you.
  3. The rude health of my family, who have never had more than the odd fracture (so far!!) May that continue!
  4. The sight of gold-pink topped mountains on a sunny day. I am so lucky to live in Switzerland, even if I do miss ‘home’ occasionally!
  5. People who make me laugh, and think hard. You know who you are! And I love you.
  6. An unexpected hug, or a compliment from my teen daughters. Rare gems.
  7. A husband who supports me, even though he may not always understand me!
  8. Writing, imagination, and books. Where would we be without other people’s stories?
  9. Friday evenings. They should come around more often.
  10. Great music, and singing like no one’s listening. Thank God for that!


Well, that’s MY list. I’d love to see yours!


I’m waiting…  😉


Love from the Hedgehog x

9 thoughts on “10 Things…

  1. This is great. I need to write a list. In tough times, I always find a list of positive things, such a comfort. I feel a blog post coming on…

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  2. This is really on the fly, spontaneous and is true for the moment:

    Friends, friends, friends!
    Laughs galore with those friends and being able to speak English all day yesterday. Sounds weird, I know, but Angela will understand.
    Looking outside, from the comfort of my warm living room, on grey skies, heavy-laden twigs and boughs, strong winds. I’m free today and don’t even have to go outside.
    Candles and flowers.
    Hot tea.
    A lovely, supportive husband and young adult offspring who turned out mighty fine, have good hearts, are kind and witty too. Very important, that!
    The changing seasons and the prospect of sunshine.
    The anticipation of going to ireland in May.
    Music, music, music.
    I’m so very delighted that my debut novel is almost finished. I will release it, with no expectations, very Zen-like.

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  3. 1) My supersized mug of Nutty Caramel Coffee,
    2) My newly renovated kitchen cabinets,
    3) Reruns of Sex and the City,
    4) My electric blanket,
    5) Friends that actually read my writing,
    6) Lemony sunshine after five days of grey gloom,
    7) Spellcheck,
    8) A beautiful journal and a weighty pen that snuggles perfectly into my hand,
    9) Beautiful words that inspire me,
    10) Upcoming trip to Mardi Gras!

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  4. Love this! Thankful for Hedgie, of course.
    My fluffy gray scarf that makes me feel warm and snuggly on cold January days in the Midwest.
    Paydays and groceries!
    My mom still being with me when so many have lost theirs.
    My funny, funny, wise offspring.
    My annoying, know-it-all, demanding offspring (they’re the same ones)
    My husband who supports me even when he doesn’t understand me
    My piano which I decided to practice again today – Ode to Joy
    xoxoxox and Far Flung Friends!!!

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