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Grandma goes to Switzerland



Hi there, Friday Peeps!

Haven’t been near the blogmachine lately, because I have my mother over from the UK. For FOURTEEN days! It didn’t seem such a looooooong time when she was safely in her jungle-gardened semi in Surrey, and I was nestled in my thick-walled 450 yr old Swiss cottage.

“Come on over” I said, “It’ll be lovely to see you” I said.

And it was… for the first two days!

Of course, I love my mother dearly, as we ALL do. But I had forgotten how LOUD her voice can be, in a country full of mild-mannered Swiss. Oh the red-faced embarrassment! And how much she can TALK, usually about vague acquaintances (and their relatives) that I have either no interest, or knowledge of! Not to mention how much time she can spend in the laundry room, shaming me into even caring about the piles of crumpled washing in there!!



There shall be no chillax-ing in THIS castle.


So… we did all the touristy things, Luzern, The Seven Towers, Fasnacht (Carnival), Fleamarkets, Coffee Shops, and lots of bracing walks around the vast lake that is Vierwaldstättersee.

Now there are just endless days… stretching out before me…

like tortured steps in a marathon that have to be endured; until you reach that wonderful finish line, and get that cool drink and a banana!

You could say I’ve almost endured my OWN private marathon – and I’m just reaching for that banana!

Which will be on a return flight this Sunday!!!

Love you, Mum. ❤


Thanks for the visit!


The Hedgehog child x




11 thoughts on “Grandma goes to Switzerland

  1. What a great post. I could feel uour exaperation as I read it, and I loved that you could laugh at yourself. You did well to endure the whole 14 days.I think most people feel the same about over-long visits from relatives, no matter how huch we love them. At least you managed to get out and about. That would have kept your mum out of your laundry a bit. Marathon over, it’s time to get out the wine – and the banana, of course. 🙂

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