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Saturday Lament


Dear Saturday,

can you please explain these few things to me:

When I decide to clean the bathroom on a whim, why is it that I only remember to wear rubber gloves at the last minute?

Why is it that the minute I put bleach down the loo, every member of my family urgently needs to pee?

Why is it that I always (and without fail) manage to get a splash of toilet water (and not the nice, perfumey kind) in my EYE?!!

Why is is that the damned bathroom cleaner spray will only come out in pathetically weak dribbles, and takes about 800 depressions to cover the whole bath?

  • Note: My right arm muscles are getting a hell of a workout!

And why is it that the cute loo roll holder, with the suction cups, decides to get stuck to the sink when I try to clean it? Nothing will separate it from its new pal, except the sharp knife that I just nearly killed myself with.

Why did I even bother doing my nails last night?

  • I lose one and a half nails precisely, every time I do this.

Lastly, why is it that after two hours cleaning, scrubbing, and swearing…   the OH breezes in just as I sit down at the PC with my re-heated coffee??

On the computer… again?? His raised eyebrow enquires.

2016-03-12 15.39.27.jpg

Not even going to start in on the great ‘loo roll debate’…


Happy weekend folks!


The Hedgehog x


12 thoughts on “Saturday Lament

  1. Tee hee! very familiar although I never wear rubber gloves at all (which either tells you I don’t use bleach or that my hands look 40 years older than the rest of me – you decide…).

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  2. He he just the same sort of thing going on here and yes, my husband always walks in JUST as I’ve sat down! Worse still, why do we feel the need to justify ourselves???

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