Brit Mum, Cake Lover, Bad Poet, Writer.

Living and surviving in the wilds of Switzerland.


Likes: Hedgehogs.

Creative writing, good coffee, and Marmite on toast.

Soppy 80’s Romcoms.

Any film with Hugh Grant or Gerard Butler; dressed or undressed.


New TV/Netflix obsessions: Cuckoo, The Last Leg, Room 101, Grace & Frankie.


Listening to: Lukas Graham, Different Tides, Train, Neil Young, Dorothy Moore.


Dislikes: Occasionally my own children, and often, other people’s children.

The Mother-in-law’s sauerkraut.

Pushy people, Traffic Wardens.



Motto: ‘I really must stop procrastinating and get a motto.’ – A.Zemp, 1995.


Writing my first novel – ‘The Digital Diary of Millicent Bodger, aged 39½.’

Watch this SPACE!!!


38 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by Two On A Rant and introducing yourself! I hope you enjoyed your visit and will stop back in for tea and Marmite on toast soon.

    PS…I’ve been perusing and love it here….I’ll be back!

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    1. You are welcome Millie! I thought I had been following you – but found I wasn’t! But I know I had been reading your posts, so maybe I had clicked ‘unfollow’ accidentally. It’s easily done! Anyway, back on track now. Happy to be back in your Fanclub! 😁 x

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      1. I always thought you were following me, but perhaps you weren’t. I know we’ve visited each other’s blogs so I didn’t think to check. Thank you, anyway. 🙂

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  2. Ready for another award??? HAHA!! I nominated you for the “Real Inspiring Blogger Award!” YAY! 🎉The “to do” list for this award is pretty easy, you basically just pass the award on to ten of your favorite bloggers. 😘 The “logo” and cut’n’ paste directions are on my home page at the bottom if you’re interested. 👍

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      1. HAHA!! I GET THAT!!!.. and you are so welcome!! 😜So guess what? (I’m learning something new every day) Yesterday I found out you can have “an award free” blog..It’s not like some special designation, you just mention it somewhere on your blog. I’m guessing there may be a lot of awards out there.. Or you can also just pick and choose which ones sound good to you. In the meantime, congratulations AND I’m so sorry? 😂

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      1. Another blog?! AND a book?? (So now I feel like a total sloth.) I’ve been good..making the publicity rounds, Good Morning America etc.., after receiving the “real neat blog award”..HAHA! 😉

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      1. Ha! I was just thinking that I won’t be able to match your verbal ability! However, I will give it my best shot! 😉

        I very much enjoyed reading your answers! 👑📖👑

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  3. Hi, Angela. I really enjoyed your post about writing – or rather, procratinating over it. So many writers have expressed similar feelings. I did a post about it myself sometime late last year. I see from this page that you’re new to writing, so I wish you well in whatever you want to achieve in that direction. I have to agree with you about Marmite – I couldn’t survive without it on my toast. As a mother of six (all well and truly grown up) children, I agree with your feelings on that score, too – despite loving them all to bits. And teaching’s an excellent career. I taught for many years. Now I write my books.
    I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much Barbara! I actually have you on my list of people to nominate as I had been nominated by someone else, but was waiting for her to send me her questions etc. That’s lovely of you, thank you! And best of luck! x

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    1. Thanks so much! I am comparably new to writing. Hoping to learn a lot from all the more seasoned writers around, and on the wonderful WWWB on facebook!

      Best Regards,

      Angela x


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