STUNNING ART by Kristin Wilkinson

I stumbled across this extremely gifted young artist, Kristin Wilkinson, while just messing around on Twitter the other day. Who says social media is a waste of time?? 😉 Here is a selection of her work, done in various mediums.     I was so impressed that I got in touch with her, and asked… Continue reading STUNNING ART by Kristin Wilkinson

Writing 'n' Stuff

Wot I done learnt in my 1st year of Blogging

I have just realised that I have been blogging for just over a year now. I know, I know – I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes! But shout out “Who’s for a second slice of lemon drizzle?” and I’m like greased lightning, I am! 😀 I have read so many great blog posts… Continue reading Wot I done learnt in my 1st year of Blogging


Sonnet to Docs and Gifs.

Having a hellish time, learning how to convert docs to gifs/jpegs and all the other alien life forms out there in computer land! Managed to get this into ‘gif’ form after a mere 38 minutes. And now I’m going to have a lie-down in an internet free room. P.S. Angel Down is my pen name,… Continue reading Sonnet to Docs and Gifs.

Family Life · Holidays

Grandma goes to Switzerland

 . Hi there, Friday Peeps! Haven’t been near the blogmachine lately, because I have my mother over from the UK. For FOURTEEN days! It didn’t seem such a looooooong time when she was safely in her jungle-gardened semi in Surrey, and I was nestled in my thick-walled 450 yr old Swiss cottage. “Come on over”… Continue reading Grandma goes to Switzerland


10 Things…

Hi all! My first blog of the year! It’s nearly February, so I suppose I should be ashamed of myself. I’m a bad, bad bloghog, and I just don’t care!! 😀 I have been thinking about what to blog for aaaages, but as I work on a strictly only-blog-when-I-have-something-to-say basis – I got nothin’ as… Continue reading 10 Things…


When the hijab is forced

Originally posted on Reimagining My Reality:
Disclaimers: 1. this is my story 2. this is not the story of all Muslims 3. this is not the story of all hijabis 4. there can be more than one story Once upon a time (about 14 years ago), in a land far away (South East England), I wore the…


Holy Catmas – She Blogs!

Everyone is merrily twittering their blogs today on #wwwblogs. I have had such fun (I heart you Miranda!) looking through them all, especially the funny, god-help-me, coming-up-to-Christmas ones! It made me realise though, that I haven’t actually blogged for over a month; six weeks if you discount the #wordlesswednesday blogs, which are after all just… Continue reading Holy Catmas – She Blogs!