10 Things…

Hi all! My first blog of the year! It’s nearly February, so I suppose I should be ashamed of myself. I’m a bad, bad bloghog, and I just don’t care!! 😀 I have been thinking about what to blog for aaaages, but as I work on a strictly only-blog-when-I-have-something-to-say basis – I got nothin’ as… Continue reading 10 Things…


The Fukkit List

I have noticed people talking about their ‘bucket lists’ a lot lately. While I can appreciate the concept, (and for terminally ill people I completely understand) the idea has never really appealed to me. I’m probably a very boring person, but extreme challenges and Swimming with Dolphins/Riding in Hot Air Balloons etc, just leaves me… Continue reading The Fukkit List

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Home Alone and Lovin’ It

Yesterday my husband went off on a sailing trip to Croatia. He’ll be gone for a week. A blessed, chillaxing, no heavy cooking, no sock-hunting week! As I waved him off in the early hours, I felt almost as if a dead weight had been lifted from my chronically aching shoulders.   I felt lighter.… Continue reading Home Alone and Lovin’ It


It’s F-word Friday!

After food, fajazzle, fierce friends, and fabulousness, of course! Happy Friday to ya! The Hedgehog x


Spring hath Sprungeth!

Nothing to say. Just sharing the view from my window today! 🙂 I am easily pleased. . . Happy nearly-Spring weekend! The Hedgehog x

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Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?

You may be wondering, “Where is this blogger going with photos of milk cartons, and furry gloved hands?” Well, there is a point, honest! And I will get to it…eventually! 😀 As I sit here, typing away furiously, and wearing my teenage daughter’s new fur-tipped fingerless gloves, (Christmas present from her Aunt, she hated them,… Continue reading Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?

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The checkout 7-day challenge

Hello, lovely blog peeps! Well, it’s been blogtastic so far, here in the WordPress ‘community’. I have really enjoyed my first foray into the scary, foreign (for moi!) world of blogging. I have been welcomed, befriended, and encouraged. And for that, I thank you all, from the bottom of my furry Dosenbach Snowboots, to the… Continue reading The checkout 7-day challenge

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Angry at sausages

I wasn’t going to write another blog so soon. Yesterday was my first, and I had intended to write another in about a week. Funny how Fate changes your whole day, without anybody’s permission, or even a note from it’s mother. As I attacked my Cumberland sausage rather forcefully at lunch today, my other half… Continue reading Angry at sausages