Secondment to Hell

I think there should be an opt-in/out choice for authors on this decidely creepy Amazon service (??) What sayeth YOU out there?? Answers on a postage stamp please! 😉

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Home Alone and Lovin’ It

Yesterday my husband went off on a sailing trip to Croatia. He’ll be gone for a week. A blessed, chillaxing, no heavy cooking, no sock-hunting week! As I waved him off in the early hours, I felt almost as if a dead weight had been lifted from my chronically aching shoulders.   I felt lighter.… Continue reading Home Alone and Lovin’ It

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The A to Z of fontlife – part 2

You may recall that last week I posted a little article on lesser known type fonts that have caught my eye. You can see it’s a slow news day today! (Bank Holiday actually) 😀 Here is part 2. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading! .

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The A to Z of fontlife

I was supposed to be writing a weekly blogpost about my fiction writing course. But if this is you, (above) you’re probably as bored with my posts as you look. And I don’t want to disturb your nap. So I’ll just post a little side-thingy I was working on today. Just for fun! The ‘which… Continue reading The A to Z of fontlife