The Bad Stuff

The Wall

When we first met, I lied about my age. I was older than he, and embarrassed about it. I confessed, and he forgave me. It cast a faint shadow of mistrust. The first stone was laid in the wall between us. . He came from another country. He couldn’t move to be with me, A… Continue reading The Wall

Family Life

Saturday Lament

Dear Saturday, can you please explain these few things to me: When I decide to clean the bathroom on a whim, why is it that I only remember to wear rubber gloves at the last minute? Why is it that the minute I put bleach down the loo, every member of my family urgently needs… Continue reading Saturday Lament


10 Things…

Hi all! My first blog of the year! It’s nearly February, so I suppose I should be ashamed of myself. I’m a bad, bad bloghog, and I just don’t care!! 😀 I have been thinking about what to blog for aaaages, but as I work on a strictly only-blog-when-I-have-something-to-say basis – I got nothin’ as… Continue reading 10 Things…

Family Life

Meet the Bodgers

I went. I saw. I drank tea. I almost conquered! I have nearly finished my six week sojourn in the UK. No family member was left unhugged, and no old friend was left unvisited. It was a whirlwind whistlestop British tour of the Southern and Western parts of my teenage hood. I do this every… Continue reading Meet the Bodgers

Family Life

If I Ever Forget

As I sat opposite my daughter in the restaurant, I found myself wondering how she had gone from this bright little 6 year old… . to this beautiful young woman… . in what seemed like no time at ALL! We hadn’t had a mother/daughter day for some time, what with life and all. So I… Continue reading If I Ever Forget

Family Life

Mothers Day Confession

It’s Mothers Day today. I was awoken by a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my two daughters, and they also let me have a lie-in, which was jolly decent of them! I always feel a bit of a fraud on Mothers Day. Accepting presents and cards just for having enough strength to push a watermelon… Continue reading Mothers Day Confession

Family Life · Musings

Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?

You may be wondering, “Where is this blogger going with photos of milk cartons, and furry gloved hands?” Well, there is a point, honest! And I will get to it…eventually! 😀 As I sit here, typing away furiously, and wearing my teenage daughter’s new fur-tipped fingerless gloves, (Christmas present from her Aunt, she hated them,… Continue reading Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?

Family Life

Teen Routine

Dear Teenagers of Mine, Please learn the following routine: Remove sopping wet towels from bathroom floor. Flush WC after you. (Yes, every time!) Return milk carton to fridge after using. Rinse and repeat. Thank you, your loving (and long suffering!) Mama x