Life and Love

New beginnings are scary

For about ten years now, I have felt horribly trapped. In a situation and marriage of my own making, and in a situation that there seemed no way out of. Until now… Something changed this Spring. I don’t know quite how. It wasn’t planned, or expected, but the winds of change have blown in; bringing… Continue reading New beginnings are scary


National Spread the Happy Day

  Did you know?? National ‘I Want You to be Happy Day’ is observed annually on March 3. That’s today, folks! This day was created as a day to encourage us to do something to make others happy. Putting a smile on someone’s face tends to put one on ours, too.  It’s actually quite limitless.… Continue reading National Spread the Happy Day


Spring hath Sprungeth!

Nothing to say. Just sharing the view from my window today! 🙂 I am easily pleased. . . Happy nearly-Spring weekend! The Hedgehog x