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Originally posted on Brian Bilston's Poetry Laboetry:
(with Autocorrect turned on) O what Brave New Worm is this That holes you, my sweet darting love? I see you in the stairs that twinkle In the heavy above. Your light shins down upon me and sets my heart on fir. You stir up my emoticons…


A mindful midlife crisis – introduction

From the brilliant blogchair of Dirty, Naked and Happy. She says it better!

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The A to Z of fontlife

I was supposed to be writing a weekly blogpost about my fiction writing course. But if this is you, (above) you’re probably as bored with my posts as you look. And I don’t want to disturb your nap. So I’ll just post a little side-thingy I was working on today. Just for fun! The ‘which… Continue reading The A to Z of fontlife