Life and Love

New beginnings are scary

For about ten years now, I have felt horribly trapped. In a situation and marriage of my own making, and in a situation that there seemed no way out of. Until now… Something changed this Spring. I don’t know quite how. It wasn’t planned, or expected, but the winds of change have blown in; bringing… Continue reading New beginnings are scary

The Bad Stuff

The Wall

When we first met, I lied about my age. I was older than he, and embarrassed about it. I confessed, and he forgave me. It cast a faint shadow of mistrust. The first stone was laid in the wall between us. . He came from another country. He couldn’t move to be with me, A… Continue reading The Wall

The Bad Stuff

Counting Time

Since I left my insane, abusive ex, the expected PTSD has revealed a most unexpected side effect. Counting time. You may not have heard of this. In fact I have googled it so many times, that the mouse finds its own way to the page now. And, guess what?? I found nothing! Nothing to reassure… Continue reading Counting Time


10 Things…

Hi all! My first blog of the year! It’s nearly February, so I suppose I should be ashamed of myself. I’m a bad, bad bloghog, and I just don’t care!! 😀 I have been thinking about what to blog for aaaages, but as I work on a strictly only-blog-when-I-have-something-to-say basis – I got nothin’ as… Continue reading 10 Things…


The Fukkit List

I have noticed people talking about their ‘bucket lists’ a lot lately. While I can appreciate the concept, (and for terminally ill people I completely understand) the idea has never really appealed to me. I’m probably a very boring person, but extreme challenges and Swimming with Dolphins/Riding in Hot Air Balloons etc, just leaves me… Continue reading The Fukkit List

Writing 'n' Stuff

The Hedgehog goes to School

Today I began an online fiction writing course run by the Open University. It’s only an eight week course, and it was free. Yes, FREE! So of course, I signed up for it! Even though I have already started writing two different novels, I don’t have any journalistic training at all. And I think it… Continue reading The Hedgehog goes to School

The Bad Stuff

Living 50 Shades

There seems to be a wave of extremely heated discussion over the upcoming, much advertised, film ’50 Shades of Grey.’ Yes, it’s just a book. Yes, it’s just a film. Yes, there are many other pseudo-erotic/BDSM books out there; maybe some of those also portray domestic abuse wrapped up as ‘erotic romance’ as this one does. But… Continue reading Living 50 Shades


I have a dream

Last night, I had a dream. A dream so fearful, it took me a while to work out where the hell I was, and calm my racing heart. I had to tear myself out of it. It involved shadowy bad men/aliens right outside my house, flinging men, women and children around mercilessly like little rag… Continue reading I have a dream

Family Life · Musings

Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?

You may be wondering, “Where is this blogger going with photos of milk cartons, and furry gloved hands?” Well, there is a point, honest! And I will get to it…eventually! 😀 As I sit here, typing away furiously, and wearing my teenage daughter’s new fur-tipped fingerless gloves, (Christmas present from her Aunt, she hated them,… Continue reading Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?