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What makes a Mother?

    . What makes a mother a ‘Mum?’   I’m thinking now… Is it the endless hours spent explaining how?   The scolding, the nodding, the holding? The wiping, the hugging, the folding? Is it when your child came home beaming, looking to you for the approval they’re seeking?   When they take their… Continue reading What makes a Mother?

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Grandma goes to Switzerland

 . Hi there, Friday Peeps! Haven’t been near the blogmachine lately, because I have my mother over from the UK. For FOURTEEN days! It didn’t seem such a looooooong time when she was safely in her jungle-gardened semi in Surrey, and I was nestled in my thick-walled 450 yr old Swiss cottage. “Come on over”… Continue reading Grandma goes to Switzerland

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Mothers Day Confession

It’s Mothers Day today. I was awoken by a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my two daughters, and they also let me have a lie-in, which was jolly decent of them! I always feel a bit of a fraud on Mothers Day. Accepting presents and cards just for having enough strength to push a watermelon… Continue reading Mothers Day Confession