Wanna see my snaps?

‘No.  Nadda.  Nope.  Nyet!’  I hear you reply! And normally I’d be right there with you. I HATE it when you are bamboozled into visiting a recently vacationed/married/babied friend; expecting cake and a natter, maybe even some blow-by-blow accounts, TOPS…  and then, before you’ve even had time to make up an urgent excuse to leave,… Continue reading Wanna see my snaps?

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Grandma goes to Switzerland

 . Hi there, Friday Peeps! Haven’t been near the blogmachine lately, because I have my mother over from the UK. For FOURTEEN days! It didn’t seem such a looooooong time when she was safely in her jungle-gardened semi in Surrey, and I was nestled in my thick-walled 450 yr old Swiss cottage. “Come on over”… Continue reading Grandma goes to Switzerland