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OU Writing Course – progress report!

Hello fellow blogpeeps and writerpeeps! As promised, by myself to myself, (not sure that anyone else is listening!) here is my progress report. It covers weeks 3 and 4, as I didn’t bother posting about it last week. I wasn’t at all sure that it’s really that interesting to people out there in Internet Land,… Continue reading OU Writing Course – progress report!

Writing 'n' Stuff

I Should Be Writing, But…

  …I just need to get a snack; the right snack!   My feet are cold. Just getting a hot water bottle. Facebook: Oooh, friend request! Coffee… forgot the coffee. Drat! Forgot to charge laptop. Charging…10%…11%…. Sitting down. Charged. Warm. Fed. Coffee. Drrrrriiiiiiiing!! Doorbell…     Packet received, signed for. Ready… You Tube. Hey, new… Continue reading I Should Be Writing, But…


Seven days, two cakes.

I’m back! 🙂 Many of you won’t even have noticed that I was away. The Internet is a transient, extremely fickle friend. But that’s OK, we’re all  like that. It’s only human. And what is this ‘Internet’ that we all know and love, anyway? Yes, it is  a global system of interconnected computer networks. But… Continue reading Seven days, two cakes.