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I Should Be Writing, But…

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…I just need to get a snack; the right snack!


My feet are cold. Just getting a hot water bottle.

Facebook: Oooh, friend request!

Coffee… forgot the coffee.

Drat! Forgot to charge laptop. Charging…10%…11%….

Sitting down. Charged. Warm. Fed. Coffee.

Drrrrriiiiiiiing!! Doorbell…




Packet received, signed for. Ready…

You Tube. Hey, new Hozier track, cool!

Facebook. Been tagged. Minions… cuuuuuute!

Right! No more excuses. Begin…








Gone blank.





Dedicated to all struggling writers, everywhere!


The Hedgehog x

23 thoughts on “I Should Be Writing, But…

      1. :O Bummer!

        Meanwhile, in Swizzyland – Spring hath Sprungeth! (Try saying that after a few sherberts!) Lol.

        Sending shovels and St.Bernards!

        Warm hugs, The Hedgehog x

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  1. Well at least you wrote the process haha, but it’s so true it happens everytime. I guess the only solution could be going somewhere where there are no doorbells or internet

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