Cake It Off

On baking and winning (sometimes!) 😀

Half Girl Half Teacup

Because we’re a combination of middle class and pretentious, in our house there is no last minute rush to Poundland to buy food for our visitors at Halloween, we bake it. This comes as a welcomed decision amongst most of our trick or treaters cue ‘Cake is my bae!’- said a child dressed as Nicki Minaj that breached the age restrictions of the word ‘bae’ (you have to be at least 14 to use it surely?) but not so much for others, quote:

Me: Do you want a cake?

Kid dressed as wolverine: No. Well…are they nice? I’ll try it but I don’t think they’ll be nice. image

Which was ungrateful but honest as the cakes were pretty rank (I’m ashamed to say my cupcake game has majorly deteriorated since last Christmas *sings Wham*) but while I was making them I realised that baking itself comes with many challenges that those, how should I…

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