Secondment to Hell


I think there should be an opt-in/out choice for authors on this decidely creepy Amazon service (??)

What sayeth YOU out there??

Answers on a postage stamp please! 😉

Kate Beth Heywood

If you read my previous blog post, I Never Learn, you would be forgiven for thinking that my prolonged absence from my blog was due to feverish writing activities related to my second novel. Well, you’d have been wrong. Of course, the real likelihood is that my absence never crossed your mind at all, but for ego purposes, I’ll pretend that’s not true.

Unfortunately, for the past six weeks, I have been rectifying the mistakes of a member of staff who, let loose on some basic accounting for my husband’s business, managed to wreak havoc previously unknown to the general accounting world. Actually, no not the accounting world. To man. And although my faith in mankind has diminished over the years, this person put a pretty major dent in what was left of it. Don’t think it was deliberate sabotage, though. This was the work of somebody with about three…

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One thought on “Secondment to Hell

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging this! I’ve been over and liked it on Kate’s post, too. It’s hilarious, and so true about Amazon KU. My mind reels just trying to work out what all the ‘pages read’ actually mean to me. 😀

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