A mindful midlife crisis – introduction

From the brilliant blogchair of Dirty, Naked and Happy.

She says it better!

Dirty, Naked & Happy

Welcome to your ringside seat at what might just be the start of my midlife crisis: would you like to share some crisps?

I appreciate that you haven’t been given much notice – it was not well advertised – that’s simply because I wasn’t planning on having one.  Definitely not right now.

Touch inconvenient, frankly.

I was, in fact, or so I thought, laying the foundations of being a fabulous forty-something.  I had resolutely decided to swerve crisis and do transformation.  My subconscious, soul, psyche, IBS, whatever, thought otherwise.

I had begun to eat healthily more often than not, spend a little bit less than our income more often than not, wipe the kitchen floor more often than not (resident mother-in-law would dispute that but she is only a recent resident and has no prior context and she is a superfreak about cleaning so her opinion doesn’t count).

It was all going okay, then boom: I am doing crisis…

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4 thoughts on “A mindful midlife crisis – introduction

      1. I realised it was a reblog after I’d posted! There was me, thinking you’d put on a bit of weight. I thought your mother-in-law had moved in, too. It was a funny post, though and it gave me a laugh.
        It’s nice to hear from you, too. I seem to be missing lots of posts lately. We had no Internet for a week a while back, and i was in Wales for another week, so I’m way behind with blogland. Hope all is going well with your writing (and everything else in your busy life). Take care. ❤

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