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Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?


You may be wondering, “Where is this blogger going with photos of milk cartons, and furry gloved hands?”

Well, there is a point, honest! And I will get to it…eventually! 😀

As I sit here, typing away furiously, and wearing my teenage daughter’s new fur-tipped fingerless gloves, (Christmas present from her Aunt, she hated them, natch!) I ruminate on what just happened in my kitchen. The photo of the one furry, fingerless, gloved hand will be relevant to the subject of my rumination, I promise you! I did try to take a pic of both hands, but it’s almost (Criss Angel could do it, I am convinced!) impossible to take a photo using just your tongue, especially when grappling with your iPhone using only your neck and right shoulder. God darn it!

Back to the kitchen scenario…

I was about to have my second coffee of the day. Although I love my coffee, I only drink two or three a day max, due to having slightly high blood pressure. Apart from that, blog peeps, I am in rude health, so please don’t worry that I am going to collapse in the middle of a blog or something. Naturally, I would be considerate enough to only ever have a heart attack after I had edited and posted, as all good little bloggers should.

Maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon!

“White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit.” (old English superstition, look it up!)

But, I digress. (I’m better at that than at blogging, obvs!)

I was making the coffee, when I realised that I probably didn’t have much milk left. I am an impulsive, and sadly incompetent shopper. I checked the carton…almost empty. As I feared. Then I remembered. I have a little ‘secret’ compartment right at the bottom of my fridge. I mostly use it to hide my chocolate and cookie ‘contraband’, as husband and daughters are, of course, far too lazy to even think of looking in there. It’s a “fridge too far”, so to speak!

I dimly recalled last weekend, as I was throwing the food shop into the various vortexes, placing a milk carton in the ‘secret’ drawer, as the fridge was by now totally stuffed with all my, yes, impulse buys!

I darted, hopefully, to that tiny, happy, little place in the fridge. “Is it?” “Is it?”… “It IS!!!” I sang out loud to myself, and did a little ‘happy dance’ right there on the tiled floor. The milk was there, and I swear I even heard the Angels sing “Hallelujah” with me!

And then, I felt a little bit weird. Do other people do this? Do they perform ‘happy dances’ in their own kitchens, à la Snoopy, that lovable cartoon beagle? (My fave childhood cartoon) Maybe they do, maybe they do weirder-er stuff. Who knows? I realised that most people don’t really show this so called ‘weird’ side of themselves. We are all trying so hard to appear ‘normal’ that we strangulate, and subjugate, our natural reactions and instincts in public. The ones that made us who we were when we were very young, and very fearless,  and unafraid to be just who we are.

And, is it even weird anyway, to show our real feelings, of delight, of boredom, or of sheer happiness? Maybe being slightly weird is normal, and we should all just be ourselves, (as long as we don’t hurt those around us!).

I, for one, have already joined the club! 😛

5 thoughts on “Weirdness – the new ‘normal’?

  1. This makes me smile so much, dopily, alone, staring at my screen. Every morning when I am forced to drag myself out of bed, and the world is dark and cold and desolate, I think, “But Jen, there’s coffee!” And I fist-bump the air and feel that the world is not such a howling wilderness. Also, I just informed the left-over stew I was delighted to find hidden in my fridge, “You have been nominated my lunch!” I got no reply, so we’re probably good, right?

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